Graham’s Weekly Message

As I look out of my window, the sun is shining, there is a clear blue sky, the leaves on the trees are a wonderful shade of green, and everything in the world seems good. It all seems very idyllic, until you turn the pages of the newspaper or look on the internet at the news. There are parts of the world that are in turmoil, where war is raging and people are being torn from their homes and families. Such contrasts exist in the world, and sometimes we try to ignore what is happening in other places, far from our own existence.

We cannot and should not ignore what is happening, as these are all of our brothers and sisters in the world. We are one people, and although we may have differing views and opinions on varying subjects, that should not stop us from living and working alongside one another.  It can be difficult to accept other people’s viewpoints if there are strong differences, but it is important that we do accept one another for who we are and the way that our traditions have fashioned us into the people we are.

One of the most poignant verses in the bible urges us to love one another. Putting aside all differences in colour, race or tradition, we should strive to reach that goal where the world and all of its peoples can live, work and play alongside each other in a state of forgiveness and harmony. It may seem a bit of a pipe-dream, but it can all start wherever we are in the world, and grow into something that can eventually reach everyone on the planet. John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, advocated that we should all aim high in an attempt to reach being the best possible people that we can be; I hope we can all do that wherever we live, even in our idyllic world that seems so remote from the trouble spots of the world.

May you discover the peace and love of God this Eastertide.

Revd Graham

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