Graham’s Weekly Message

I am currently rearranging my study at the Rectory, ready for when the builders move in. As part of the building work to turn the downstairs toilet into wheelchair accessible, I am going to lose part of my study and some storage space. As I move things around I have come across some things which I thought I had lost or at least couldn’t find. As you will see from the photos, some of these are of my father in his working days and I am assuming they have been taken in and around Blunham. (You may recognise someone or be able to provide me with more information!)

Sometimes it is good to look back on the memories that photographs can bring, and recall different ways and traditions that were commonplace in years gone by. In these photographs I was particularly drawn to the tractor, very different to the tractors we see in the field today; perhaps someone could tell me who the manufacturer is?

When Jesus came into the world, everyone was wondering if he was the Messiah who was prophesised in the books of the Old Testament. After Jesus had risen from the dead, he appeared alongside two disciples who were walking away from Jerusalem along the road to Emmaus. In his conversation with them as they walked along, he explained that all that had happened to him was there in the scriptures, if only they would open their eyes to it.

It is all well and good looking back and recalling times gone by, but we also need to look forward. Jesus was showing them they needed to be aware of the traditions which they lived by, but to use them as a springboard to move on to the new way of living that he brought through his resurrection. In our joy of recalling memories, I hope we can grasp a vision of the future.            

With God’s peace and blessing this Eastertide.

Revd Graham

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