Graham’s Weekly Message

Soon we will be seeing our combine harvesters in the fields, gathering the corn that will provide us with many different types of food, not least the flour that will be used in many different products. We are so fortunate to have the choices that we do, and yet across the world there are millions who cannot scrape a living that will allow them to buy food, and millions more who will starve because they cannot afford to buy the smallest amount of food.

Most in this country have the privilege of going to shops in order to buy from the vast choices on the supermarket shelves. We still fail to share the tonnes of food that are produced across the world, either through our greed or because we have no thought for our international neighbours. We have recently seen the destruction caused by Hurricane Beryl, and many homes, families and businesses across the Caribbean Islands have been devastated such that there is a shortage of every day necessities.

As we start to see the beginning of the harvest season on our doorstep, I hope that we can, through our thoughts and prayers, remember those who have no means of feeding and supporting themselves. There are numerous charities that we can support, who in the hour of need for so many, bring relief to many who suffer and find themselves in difficult situations for many different reasons. The Bible teaches us to show love and compassion to those who are in need, those who are vulnerable, and those who are the lowest of society. May we find it in our hearts to love and care for the needy of our world.

With God’s blessing

                                                                                                                                            Revd Graham

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