Graham’s Weekly Message

At last summer seems to have arrived, and we are having some lovely sunshine and warm temperatures. I suspect most people are hoping that this stays with us for the rest of the summer, but I guess it will not last for that long; so, we must make the most of it while it is here. There are many outdoor activities coming up over the next few weeks and the organisers of each of those events are praying that the good weather does indeed hang around at least until their particular event is over.

We do seem to have the characteristic of moaning about the weather: hot or cold it never seems to suit everyone. We are all individuals and there is no way that we can please everyone all of the time. When the summer weather does come it is nice to sit outside, with a cool drink in the hand and enjoy the sunshine. I visited Cambridge Botanical Gardens yesterday and it was nice to enjoy the gardens in the warm sunny conditions. The trees and plants were enjoying the weather too; the scent of the roses, the brightness of the flowers, and the green of the leaves on the trees all came together for creating the loveliness of the gardens.

We have so much to give thanks to God for as we enjoy his creation and the beauty it brings us: the trees, plants, wildlife and everything that is there for our enjoyment as well as the sustenance it brings as we eat and drink of its goodness. I hope that we can praise God for all that he gives us through the earth, and in turn share it with others.

With God’s blessing                                                                                                                           

Revd Graham

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