Graham’s Weekly Message

As I write, the Premier League football fixtures for next season have been released, and yet it seems as though summer has only just arrived. So, with the exception of the Euro 2024 football tournament, we are looking forward (or not as the case maybe) to the autumn football fixtures. We’ve not even had the Wimbledon tennis yet, and then there will be the Olympics in just a few weeks. It is surprising how the years roll by so quickly, and before not too long we will have passed the longest day.

At the clergy conference I attended last week, we focused our minds on the grace of God, and how it is at work continually in the world in which we live. We are not always aware of it, but we are encouraged to see it at work in people and situations. We are not always good at seeing God’s love in action around us, but it is there at work even though we don’t always recognise it. Quite often we look for the bigger things happening, but very often it is the little things that are where God’s love is working away in the background.

Sometimes it is the little acts of kindness and understanding that can make all the difference in someone’s life, and if we are open to listening to God’s voice then he can work through us to bring about change to someone’s life. It isn’t always easy to hear God speaking to us as our lives are so frantic and busy, dashing here and there. Many of the characters in the Bible that God used for his purposes were the most unlikely of people: people who got things wrong on many occasions. But God is able to use every one of us, if only we allow him to! I hope that you are able to hear and obey where he is calling you!   

With God’s blessing

Revd Graham

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