Graham’s Weekly Message

This week has been extremely busy, not least because of the events that have taken place in commemoration of the D-Day Landings. I have also been involved with the service in which a new priest was licensed into the Benefice of Upper Caldecote, Northill and Old Warden. These are special occasions for any church when they welcome a new priest and the Bishop licenses them to be the leader of ministry for the churches to which they are licensed. This is when the hard work begins, as the new priest seeks to take the church forward in its outreach and ministry.

I’m sure we all have times when all the things that need to be accomplished come one after another, and we are never sure that all that needs to be done will get done. We rush around to get as much done as possible, and perhaps we don’t always do those things as well as we might because of the haste with which we complete the task. Sometimes, we just need to take some time out, calm ourselves down, before we begin again to complete the unfinished tasks.

Maybe just make time for a cup of tea or coffee, and while we take that time out spend some time in prayer with God. Some people think that prayer is a time when we do all the speaking, but it is not; it can also be a time when we listen to what God is saying to us. In this day and age, when things happen so quickly, we need more than ever to be cool under pressure, and that may mean taking those few moments each day – not only to share our concerns with God, but also to listen to him as he speaks to us and imparts wisdom into our lives. Take time with God, and you will be surprised what a difference it makes!

With God’s blessing

Revd Graham

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