Graham’s Weekly Message

Last week we had a family of ducks invade our garden. I don’t know how they got in, but they appeared to be going round and round trying to find a way out. Every now and again they would stop and take a breather and then they would continue on their quest to find a way to escape. Eventually the mother flew over the fence and the ducklings were then able to squeeze through the chain link fence to be reunited with her. Their mother was calling them and they responded to the call that they recognised.

It reminded me of the story that Jesus told in the form of a parable – the lost sheep. The shepherd searched for the one that was lost until it was found and brought back into the fold in safety. Jesus also told another parable about the Good Shepherd; he was of course referring to himself as the one who protects and cares for his sheep. Jesus states that the sheep recognised the shepherd’s voice, and therefore responded to it.

Would you respond to the call of Jesus as he asks us to follow him? He wants us to follow him and his ways of love and forgiveness; and to learn all the things he teaches us through the words of the Bible.  He showed a new way of living to the people he met during his earthly ministry, and although that was a long time ago, those ways still apply to us in this day and age. If you would like to know more about the Christian way of life – what we believe and the way we should live as followers of Jesus Christ – please contact me (details below), and I would be more than happy to speak to you.

With God’s blessing

Rev Graham

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