Graham’s Weekly Message

On Easter Saturday there was some work carried out on the church clock in Blunham. It took a little bit of abseiling to get down to the clock face, remove one of the hands and then return it with a little spacer to get it back into position so that it wasn’t so loose on the main spindle. As the work was being carried out, it reminded me of two things.

First it reminded me how remarkable our church buildings are, considering when the majority of them were built – eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth century… The builders didn’t have all the tools and devices that we have today, to cut shape and place the stone blocks and timbers in the right places. They have created such wonderful structures, even if they are difficult to maintain and keep in good repair, and of course, very costly. The generosity of people is instrumental in allowing us to do so.

The second thing that crossed my mind as I watched proceedings was the story in the Bible when the early inhabitants of the world constructed the Tower of Babel. Of course, it begs the question; what were they trying to achieve? There are many theories that try to solve the riddle; they were trying to get closer to God, or even attempting to become gods themselves. You might feel closer to God by being at the top of a tower, but that is not the answer. We can draw close to God through prayer; we can draw closer to God by study of the Bible and especially the witness of Jesus himself during his earthly ministry. As we celebrate this season of Easter, I hope that we can grasp the scale of what Jesus has done for each and every one of us by dying and rising again. I pray that you discover the love and hope of Jesus through his actions of Easter.       

With God’s Peace and Blessing this Eastertide.

Rev Graham

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