Graham’s Weekly Message

Message 27.3.24

Through the weeks of Lent we have been studying a book entitled “Where the Lost Things Go”. It is a Bible study based on the film “Mary Poppins Returns”; and you might well be thinking what has a Disney film got to do with the Bible? The underlying simplistic connection is light. The film begins with the street lights of London being turned off so that there was darkness, and then there was fog which prevented the family from finding their way. This was of course, not only a physical barrier, but there was a mental barrier too – you’ll have to watch the film if you want a little more detail. The film ends though with the lights being switched back on, again both physical and mental.

Perhaps you have made the link now? As we travel the road of Holy Week, seeing the pain and suffering that Christ went through, we feel the darkness that must have been felt by those first disciples. They had seen the light that he brought to be gradually dimmed to darkness as Jesus finally came to the cross and was crucified – it seemed that the darkness had won. We know, of course, that this was not the case as Jesus rose from the dead on that first Easter Day, and once again the light shone brightly as it continues to do.

I hope that we too can see the Light of the World that shines brightly, and can feel the love that enabled all of these events to happen. As we celebrate Easter together, may you know the forgiveness, the love and the new life that awaits each one of us as we believe and place our trust in the risen Lord Jesus Christ.   

With God’s peace and blessing this Eastertide.

Revd Graham

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