Graham’s Weekly Message

This coming Sunday we celebrate the entry into Jerusalem of Jesus, seated on the back of a young donkey. Hopefully, in our procession at Roxton, we too will have a donkey leading us from the High Street to the church and as we process, we will be singing songs of praise. When we get into church and part way through our service, the mood will change as we hear the story of Christ’s passion – the trial, and his crucifixion. The story goes from the high of exultation to the low of Jesus’ death.

We all go through the highs and lows of life; one minute everything can look rosy, and then suddenly we are hit by some news or an event that can knock us back, and can really his us hard. One of the things we can know from the Christian faith is that we can be confident that Jesus Christ has been there before us; although it was a different experience because of when it took place, it still displays the two extremes of emotion.

I hope that we are all able to place our trust in Jesus, especially as we follow the events of Holy Week; from Palm Sunday through trial and crucifixion, to ultimately the euphoria of Easter Day. The Easter eggs are filling the shelves of our shops, and it is an appropriate way to celebrate as we recognise the new life as an egg that hatches out and in the same way the new life that Jesus brings through his resurrection. Let us give thanks to God for all that he continues to do through the power of the resurrection.              

With God’s Peace and Blessing as we approach Easter.

Rev Graham

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