Graham’s Weekly Message

Being a relatively local lad (I was born and grew up in Cardington) has been very useful when talking to people about local landmarks and places from years gone by. When having conversations with people I meet – in their homes, in the street or in church, it enables me to relate to the places they are referring to. Sometimes it is good to reminisce, to look back on the places we once knew, and the people we can recall – both living and those who have passed away. We need to be aware of where we came from and the things that have formed us into the people we now are. Just recently, I met one of my school teachers from Cardington Lower School, and it got me into the remembering mode

As good as it is to do this, it must not always influence the decisions we make in the future as things change and move on, although experiences can inform us of the things that work and the things that do not work. In the New Testament, we read that Jesus wanted everyone to look forward and not backwards, although the basis of the Ten Commandments are paramount to living the life he wants us to live. When Jesus said, “I have come to fulfil the law not to abolish it”, he is asking us to live according to those commandments but to interpret them in the modern world and to show love and compassion to all.

I hope that we can look back into the past, learn from our mistakes and move forward into the future with the love of Jesus underpinning our faith, so that we might be part of God’s Kingdom, and receive the reward of eternal life.        

With God’s Peace and Blessing as we approach Easter.

Revd Graham

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