Graham’s Weekly Message

In my daily prayer, I have been reading the story of Joseph and his brothers, found in the book of Genesis. If you know the story, then you’ll know that Joseph’s brothers were jealous of him, especially after he had received his coat of many colours from his father. Joseph was Jacob’s favourite son, and he wasn’t afraid of showing it by giving him that wonderful gift of a fine colourful coat. I’m guessing that we all might be a little envious if we were put in the same situation as Joseph’s brothers were?

One of the lessons we should be learning in the season of Lent is to be putting our relationship with God in the spotlight, and using the time to put it right before we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection at Easter. It should also be a time when we examine the relationships we have with other people; and where needed, to restore them. If we turn to the end of the story, we see the reconciliation of the whole family when his brothers go to buy corn from the now highly-placed Joseph. Maybe this is a good time for us all to look at how we live our lives, and where broken relationships exist, that we can summon up the courage to bring reconciliation through communication.

I hope that you can use Lent as a time of personal reflection, and that you are able to identify those things in your life that need putting right in accordance with the commands of God and the way he encourages us to live. And I pray that you will find peace and comfort by following his ways, ready for the euphoria of Easter.     

With God’s peace and blessing

Revd Graham

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