Graham’s Weekly Message

It has been interesting watching the birds come to the birdfeeder in the Rectory Garden over the past few days when temperatures have been very low. The birds certainly seem to have been coming more frequently in order to feed. I guess the weather being cold has caused the natural berries and fruits to be less available, and so the man-made fat balls are a regular source of nourishment; I think that is why we should assist the birds with food in the season of cold weather.

It is also interesting that people often turn to the Bible and pray to God in times of difficulty as they face up to life situations that bring hardship and stress. Throughout the Bible there are verses which contain help, encouragement and hope as we travel life’s journey – verses for all different sorts of occasions.

I would encourage you to pray and read the Bible, not only in situations that are proving a challenge, but each and every day so that you are able to build your relationship with God. I know for some it is difficult to set a regular time to read and pray, but that shouldn’t stop us from setting aside some time to communicate with God, and to learn of his wonderful love for each of us. If you need help in finding what to read in the Bible, and how you might set aside a regular time, then I would be only too happy to help and steer you in the right direction. I hope you can find just a few moments each day to pray and study, and not to wait until life becomes difficult.

With God’s Peace and Blessing through 2024.

Rev Graham

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