Graham’s Weekly Message

Happy New Year! We have reached that point in the year when a lot of people make the mistake of writing 2023 instead of 2024 – I’ve done it myself already! It is an easy mistake to make as we move from the old year into the new year; I guess it is a habit we get into as we write the date over a twelve month period – and then all of a sudden it changes, and so we have to form a new habit of writing 2024! There are lots of habits that we fall into, simply because we routinely do the same thing over and over again.

Some routines are good routines, such as meal times, or getting ready for work or school, and perhaps coming to church. As I look forward from this point to the coming year, there will be lots of things happening that are not routine, but slightly out of the ordinary. We can rely on some festivals being routinely celebrated; even if they don’t fall on the same day each year, they will be slotted into the calendar somewhere. Easter in one such of these festivals, which this year falls on the 31st March – quite early in the year.

I hope that through this coming year you will visit us in one of our churches, either for one of our regular events or for one of our special events. You will find details of our regular events in our Benefice magazine – Riversmeet Recorder – and our special events will be advertised on Facebook. It would be lovely to see you throughout the year, as we celebrate our Christian faith and as we support our wonderful buildings.   

With God’s Peace and Blessing through 2024.

Rev Graham

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