Graham’s Weekly Message

I do have a bit of a laugh and a joke with people as they ask me how many Carol Services and Nativity Services I have been to. With three schools and five churches it will be quite a few by the time we get to Christmas Day. I can’t complain because I really enjoy hearing the retelling of the story; and it is told in many different ways, particularly by the children in the schools, and I hear and sing many different versions of Christmas Carols and new songs that celebrate the birth of Jesus.

In these days of materialism, it is good to know that we can go back to the basic story of God’s son born in a stable; surrounded, not by all the comforts we enjoy, but by the essential things of living – hay, animals and a basic shelter. We are very pampered these days; we are not used to cold homes, relying on coal fires with burning logs to keep us warm, but we flick a switch and the heating comes on.

Throughout all the changes that have come our way over the past two thousand years, the story of Jesus Christ remains a constant in our lives. The celebration and joy of the shepherds as they travelled to Bethlehem to the baby in the manger can be ours this Christmas if we believe in Jesus and the story of how he came to this earth.

I pray that the singing of the Carols, the hearing of the words will prompt us into discovering more about Jesus, and seeing the nativity performed in the innocence of the children will inspire our curiosity to find a faith in the Son of God.      

With God’s Peace and Blessing through Advent.

Rev Graham

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