Graham’s Weekly Message

We have almost reached the day that we have been preparing for over the last few weeks – Christmas Day. I always spare a thought for those who have to work on Christmas Day, such as those in hospitals, care homes and other jobs that you can think of. It is a day celebrated by most people, even those who have no faith – it should be a day of joy, peace and celebration. Most people exchange gifts, and we always hope that we are going to receive a gift that we have always wanted or something that we can find very useful.

Some in our world wish for there to be peace, comfort and security as they are caught up in conflicts, war and fear. We are very privileged in this country to live in relative peace and quiet although there will be some places where there will not be peace and harmony. As we enjoy our Christmas together, please remember those who are not so fortunate as we are, with broken relationships, the loss of a loved one or in other difficult circumstances. And we must also think of those who suffer pain, and those who are moving towards their end of life. Whilst this is a joyous time of the year, we should be mindful of those who will not be able to celebrate in such a happy way as we do.

I pray and trust that you will be able to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, in the best way that you can, and remember the reason why God sent his only Son into the world so that we can reconnect with our Creator. May I wish you a happy Christmas and a blessed New Year.      

With God’s peace and blessing this Christmas.

Revd Graham

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