Weekly Message (29th November 2023)

I like to have my Christmas lights up early, and this year was no exception (some of you may have seen them down the Rectory drive). However carefully I pack them away, it always seems to me that they tangle themselves up. I’m sure all the lights get together and decide between themselves which set is going to cause me some consternation – this year the 3000 lights down the drive thought it was their turn. Although they started to unroll neatly, it wasn’t long before the knotted mess became obvious! It took me several hours of untangling, threading through backwards and forwards to finally untangle them ready for fixing to the wall down the drive!  I was relieved when the task was completed; and they do look good, even though I say it myself!

As we start to make our preparations for Advent and Christmas, I’m sure it must feel like the ball of tangled lights. Things start off well: perhaps by making a list of all that has to be achieved by the big day, and initially buying some of the presents and items of food in readiness. But it doesn’t take long for it to look like a daunting task in order to complete everything on your list! I know the next part of my message may make you think, “when have I got time”, but it is really important to take a little time out, not only to rest from the rush to get everything ready in time, but also to take time to reflect on the “Reason for the Season”. That may sound a bit of an old saying, but we need to consider what the real celebration of Christmas is about: the fact that God sent his only Son into the world so that we can again have a relationship with God our Creator and Saviour.

I hope you can put aside a little time for that reflection, and realise the love that is shown by God through Jesus the Son.  

With God’s peace and blessing through Advent.

Revd Graham

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