Weekly Message (30th August 2023)

Revd Graham’s weekly message:

Well, that was the last Bank Holiday before Christmas, and we now have all those weeks in front of us to think and plan for the big celebration! That is perhaps looking ahead too far, as there are lots of things that will happen before we get to that point in time. I think I have mentioned already in my messages that Harvest Thanksgiving is the next celebration of the church in the calendar, with Remembrance Sunday in November following on but a few short weeks later.

The weeks go by very quickly, and it seems that we don’t have time to draw breath in between the various festivals and events. I’m sure the old adage is true, that the older we are the quicker time passes by! I often think about the three years of ministry that Jesus had on this earth, and how short a time it must have seemed to the disciples. One minute they were with him: walking and travelling, meeting and greeting, hearing and listening to the parables, watching and being part of the miracles. In those weeks and months Jesus fitted in so much to set an example as to how we should our live our lives.

I know we all lead busy lives these days, and sometimes it is difficult to fit everything in that we need to do – time for relaxation is at a premium, but it is essential that we do find time to relax. In the same way, we need to find time to worship and pray to God our Creator; to give him thanks for all that we have, and to pray for our families, friends, neighbours and for the peace of the world. So, I invite you to come and spend time with God in our churches this weekend (see the list below).

With God’s peace and blessing,

Revd Graham



Morning Prayer

Great Barford


Holy Communion



Holy Communion

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